Does my insurance cover me for COVID-19?   Back

1. I have an existing ANZ insurance policy. Am I covered if I contract COVID-19?

Generally, you will be covered as long as you are outside of the qualifying and waiting periods set out in your policy, and meet the following criteria:

  • you contracted the virus after your policy started
  • your policy is in force and you have paid all premiums
  • you satisfy all other terms and conditions of your policy and at law (including duty of disclosure).

2How do I know if my policy has involuntary unemployment cover?

The following ANZ insurance products offer involuntary unemployment cover:

ANZ life insurance products

  • ANZ Income Protection.

ANZ consumer credit insurance products

  • ANZ Mortgage Protection
  • ANZ Loan Protection Insurance
  • ANZ Credit Card Insurance products.

Some of our insurance products have involuntary unemployment cover as an optional benefit. Please check your policy or call us directly at 13 16 14  to confirm if your policy has this cover.