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MLC On Track Discount
When applying for a new MLC life insurance policy, you will receive 5% off your premiums for the first 12 months of your policy being enforced. To secure your 5% discount remains alive for the following year, you’ll need to a meet a weekly step target, which you can track using your own fitness tracker through Garmin, Apple or Fitbit.

Monitor your progress weekly using the MLC OnTrack customer dashboard. To accomplish your fitness target, you need to reach about 37,500 steps per week for at least 30 weeks out of the 40 weeks.

MLC Best Doctors

It applies to all new and existing MLC Insurance policies. The policyholders and their family members can reach the service.
The Best Doctors provide support to policyholders and their families when dealing with a mental or physical health condition. It provides access to medical specialists around the world to obtain a second opinion or access expertise to provide diagnosis and treatment plans. 

To use the service, an initial phone call is required and consent to release your medical records to be reviewed This service can be accessed as long as your policy remains in force.


TAL HealthSense Discount

When purchasing a TAL Accelerated life insurance policy, you could be eligible to receive up to 15% off premiums for as long as your policy remains active. To be eligible for the TAL Health Sense discount, you need to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 19 and 28.

The more products you purchase, the higher your discount:

  • 5% for Life cover, Trauma and/or TPD. Minimum sum insured of $100,000 for life or TPD and $50,000 for Trauma insurance.
  • Up to 15% when attaching income protection insurance or business expense insurance with your life, trauma, and/or TPD policy.
TAL HealthSense Plus Discount
Eligible customers can get an additional 5% discount, on top of their existing discounts, on their Life, TPD and/or Trauma premiums. This discount will apply from your next policy anniversary and will last for two years. To get these additional savings, you will have to undergo a preventative screening test with your General Practitioner and upload the results of your test to the Health sense Plus website.
Provided you have to confirm that your
Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 19 and 28.
OnePath Life Insurance Discount
Kickstart Premium Discount applies only to new OnePath OneCare policies for Life Insurance and linked TPD and Trauma insurance. The discount is included in premiums shown online. This dicount offer does not apply to existing policies (including cancel and replace policies) or policies with a level premium. A 10% Premium discount will be applied in the first year of the policy. This will reduce to 7.5% in the second year, 5% in the third year and 2.5% in the fourth year of the policy. The discount will not apply to the policy fee or to government charges such as stamp duty.
The Kickstart Discount is in addition to other OnePath discounts such as the 5% multi-policy discount (if income protection cover is combined with another cover) and the 5% to 10% multi-life discount (if related parties take out OnePath policies).
Zurich SmartValue Discount
This discount provides value for your clients. It is an easy to understand discount that rewards clients (with discounts up to 12.5%) for packaging together Zurich Wealth Protection Death cover and Income Protection cover.
AIA Vitality Membership
This benefit can be added to any new or existing AIA Priority Protection policy, and its cost is included in the AIA with Vitality policies compared online. This program holds no eligibility requirements. A fee of $138 a year or $11.50 a month is charged for Vitality membership.
An initial 12.5% discount (17.5% for new policies) will apply to Life, TPD and Trauma insurance policies and a 7.5% discount to Income Protection policies. This membership also gives access to discounts on movies, travel, shopping, and gym memberships.
If inadequate activity points are earned the initial discount of 12.5% or 7.5% will be decreased by up to 2.5% each year. Alternatively depending on the points earned the discount can be extended to a maximum of 20%.
ClearView Health Maintenance Discount
This platform rewards customers for improving their health and wellbeing by providing a premium discount of up to 10%. This built-in reward is available to all new customers purchasing a life, TPD, income protection or business expense policy.
You’ll need to complete a health survey every 2 years to sustain your discount. Your reward will reduce by 1% every year over the next 10 years if you do not complete the survey.