Myths about life insurance   Back

Busting common myths about life insurance.

1. I’m too young for insurance!

You may not have a family to look after yet - but you still need to look after yourself. If you were to lose your regular income, you might not be able to afford your current lifestyle. It could even mean moving back in with the folks.

If sickness or injuries mean you can’t work, income protection insurance can help with regular payments - helping you keep up with your rent, mortgage or everyday living costs.

2. It’s too expensive - and it’s a hassle to apply.

Life insurance can be surprisingly affordable - with cover from around a few dollars a day, depending on your age and the type and level of cover you choose.

And the good news is, life insurance can also be easy to get. You can even do it yourself online or by phone and get a personalised quote in minutes. in some cases you won't even need medicals or blood tests to apply. Life insurance is a small price to pay to help secure your financial future, and take care of the people who depend on you.