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      Why Life Insurance Important for Self Employed?    

Life Insurance is important for self employed in various ways:

  1. Estate Planning

Life insurance plays an important role in estate planning. It can help to cover various kinds of taxes such as estate taxes and other expenses. It ensures that the assets which are pass on to their heirs are without significant financial streams.     

  1. Financial protection for Dependents

Person who is self employed are always having dependents such as spouse, children or any other Family members who are not earning and they are dependent on the income which is generated by self employed person.

  1. Debt Repayments

Life insurance ensures that self employed who must be having different kinds of loans and mortgages or any other debts are all paid off when the insurance holder is no more and their family and loved ones does not have any kind of burden.

  1. Business Continuity

For an individual who is self employed and are running their own business life insurance policy can play an important role in business continuity. It can provide various kinds of funds to the business expenses and can help family members can get benefits and they can remain stress free after owner death.

  1. Peace Of Mind

Self Employed person might have to face uncertainties in their income and they might have to face financial risks and having life insurance can be helpful and can provide Peace of Mind and they are set free as their loved ones will not face any financial crisis.

  1. Supplemental Retire Income

Few Of the Insurance policies like permanent or cash value it can accumulate the cash flow over the period of time. Person holding the policy can use these cash supplement income after there retirement.

  1. Access To funds in critical Situations

Some life insurance policies offer even living benefits that allows policy holders to access the portion of the life insurance policy in case of critical illness or any type of medical emergencies which can provide financial help during emergency situations.

  1. Affordability And Flexibility

life insurance policies can be helpful for the needs and budget of an individual. The person who is self employed is having a wide range to choose from life insurance products including all types of insurance such as term life, whole life and universal life insurance based on their  needs.