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       Trauma Insurance Vs TPD (Total and Permanent Disabilities) Insurance

Trauma And TPD Are both different types of insurance cover that help protect financial event in specific health related issues. Major types of difference between Trauma and TPD are as follows:

  1. Coverage Quality

TPD Insurance – Total and permanent disability insurance will pay you a lump sum amount when you are not able to work and permanently Disability. The definition Of TPD varies among different kinds of policy but mostly it includes all the condition that prevent from any engaging in any gaining employment.

Trauma Insurance – It is also known as Critical illness it also provides lump sum amount but then only when you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

  1. Emergency

TPD Insurance – You will get the pay when you are Unable to work for specific period or when you become permanently disabled at that time your payment will triggered.

Trauma Insurance – You will get the pay when you are diagnosed with any critical diseases and you are not able to work at that time your payment will triggered.

  1. Purpose Of Funds

TPD Insurance- The amount which you are getting after you claim the insurance that can be helpful to cover bundle of expenses such as medical, rehabilitation and other expenses. It also helps in making necessary changes or modifications to your vehicle or your home to accommodate.

Trauma Insurance- The amount which you received over here can be useful in different ways such as medical expenses rehabilitation costs and other living expenses that arise when you are suffering from illness.

  1. Premiums

TPD insurance- Over Here Premium are usually low then the Trauma and the reason behind that is the criteria over here are specified and usually are having low chances for the claims.

Trauma Insurance- Premiums over here are mostly having higher premium then TPD because it covers only specific type of illnesses which can cause high risk and chances of claims gets higher.

  1. Supplementary Coverage

Many of the people choose to have both TPD Insurance as well as Trauma Insurance so that they are fully covered rather it be any permanent disability or any of the critical illness in any of the case they can get a lump sum amount of money and they are financially all secured.

Another main thing that you have to review all the terms and condition as they vary in both of them including all the things such as exclusions, waiting period and even their definitions and accordingly you can decide what to take at the time of purchasing insurance.